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Friday, November 20, 2009


funny pic

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm really not sure if this store thing is going to work, and it's pretty scary. the biggest hurdle that I can Imagine is being able to obtain enough merch to make a living off of. most items I purchase go for anywhere from 2x to 4x of what I paid for it, but some items I'm able to sell for ten-fold.

I spent about 100 today on merch (excluding the microwave) which means roughly 300$ profit.

Because we'll need to do about 75$ avg net profit daily in order to pay all our bills, that makes me worried.

but then again, consignment pieces will help alot as well as the multitude of records. I know we're getting good exposure through word of mouth (verify'd through multiple sources) and the flyers are...well, flying out of the places I've left them.

I just don't know...I'm just so tired of doing set-up stuff... I feel burned out... I'm pretty sure I'm gonna just hand the reins to Janette for this week. She's just so much better with subtle/asthetic stuff.

also, something that will help me alot is people coming to my store to sell stuff to me....that would be awesome.

I think it's very possible for this to be me and my family's "meal ticket"... It's just that certain puzzle pieces are ALMOST missing....or perhaps ever so slightly out of reach.

I'm pretty sure I'm just burned out right now.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


THIS AMAZES ME... yet I distictly remember this as being far, far from our best rehersal.
at this time, I am amazed that I was this proficient at the bass and I wrote songs that were that good.
I am so fucking pissed off at other people for not letting me play live but more-so myself for cutting my finger up so carelessly.
matt loer I still love you, and we will resume at a later date. THAT IS A THREAT AND A PROMISE AND A FACT.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Great name for a swing band: Enron Don and the Questionable Business Practices.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I mean obviously...

I'm good, the band is coming along well. I think I've about got all the equipment I need, though I really would like a loop pedal. I could definitely use that.
Here's the songs we've got so far:

-Killer Unicorn
-Fire and bees
-If the meek shall inherit the earth (then we'll take to the sky)
-Flight of the Timberwolf
-Wooden room.

Our songs are pretty weird. fire and bees and Wooden Room are the closest things to a traditional song... I think that our band is mainly going to be "Instru-metal", with minimal lyrics...I really don't like bands without ANY lyrics....all the songs tend to bleed together. There are several songs I'd like to cover, but our setup is so weird that most songs really don't translate well at all. one of them that I haven't tried yet is "pumpin 4 the man" by ween....maybe. OOH! I just had a great idea! we should try "enjoy the silence" by depeche mode! I'll give it a shot. Hey you never know...

I forgot about an song I wrote on a casio keyboard some 3-5 years ago called "Monster Truck Driver" I think it will translate very well for The Black Descendants of Thomas Jefferson.

I wanna be a monster truck driver
I wanna go to all the county fairs
I wanna wear leather pants and a strong mustache

I wanna be a monster truck driver
I wanna be a monster truck driver
I wanna be a monster truck driver
I wanna be a monster truck driver

I wanna live off chicken-on-a-stick.
I want carnies to be my best friends
I wanna smell like diesel fuel, and stale cigarettes.

I wanna be a monster truck driver
I wanna be a monster truck driver
I wanna be a monster truck driver
I wanna be a monster truck driver

Pulitzer shit, I know.

if I'm not mistaken, you can click on here, then look under songs on my stickam player and listen to it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So, How you doing internet?
good to hear.....

Yeah I just haven't been on here cause I been livin life like one of those lady's in a tampon commercial: dooin stuff. (minus the walking great-danes while rollerblading)

working on "The Black Decendants of Thomas Jefferson" alot,
raise'n babies alot more...


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

just for fun

dear ms paint: I love you.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

me and lil' matt started a band called freddy cougar . I play a heavily mod'd bass and he plays drums.
HIS UNCLE IS A PASTOR AT A CHURCH, AND THEY HAVE A MUSIC BASEMENT!!!!! WE MIGHT EVEN BE ABLE TO PRACTICE AS MUCH AS TWICE A WEEK! so that's good. rehersal space is hard to find. seriously. like hard. like bob dole boner hard.

I posted this to em411:
I'm tired of this (electronic music). I'm getting no-where, not enough people care, I'm having too much trouble playing live, can't find the money to do a proper release. I'm tired of doing so much fiddley work. and I'm getting into one of those "uninspired" cycles. so I quit. so there. no more electronic music (for a while anyways)

No, I'm not really "quiting", I'm not selling everything and buying fishing poles and booze. (besides, I only fish with a cain pole and crickets) I'm definitely not quitting music. Ironically enough, I just got moved into my house and now I have an honest-to-god studio! let me tell you about my latest musical project.........I've dusted off my bass guitar, taken the low-string off, moved the rest of the strings down to where the high string was missing, and replaced it with a banjo string. then I tuned the thing to 5ths (E B C# F# I think?) I'm looking to procure these pedals : digitech whammy, boss super overdrive, and the boss oc-2 (octave pedal) basically I'm copying brian gibson's (lightning bolt) setup. I'm gonna run all that through a 60 w keyboard amp and the biggest bass amp I can get my hands on. I'm also looking for a drummer.( I know quite a few, so this shouldn't be a huge problem) Musically, I'm aiming for something between lightningbolt and death from above, but i'm pretty sure It will end up sounding like ween. (which is cool with me)
Working with an alternate tuning is alot like learning to play again... it's exciting!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

politics in summary

it affects his allergies so bad.

people yelling.


they're like the Europeans of North America.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On the other hand, you have different fingers....

Things are looking up!, I'm working to secure gigs in Birmingham, Atlanta, and chattanooga and I'm getting positive feedback! I still don't have any money for my album release though...
I bought a house and I've been really damn busy with it. We're getting central air put in which is REALLY AWESOME and going to save us a bunch of money. Also, my brother in law volunteered to paint the rooms for us! So if you want people to do stuff for you, name a kid after them.

a great band name...

...would be "The Black Descendants of Thomas Jefferson"
Now I have to find some black people who can tolerate me to make this happen...

Friday, June 27, 2008

tired of trying

This sucks. my album was supposed to be finished in january (all my fault), and me and jason don't have enough money to do a proper release. I can't tour to promote it, and I live in fucking Decatur AL.

this sucks. I'm so depressed.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


back on my meds
adderal XR.
revved in the morning
drymouth in the afternoon.
makes me depressed in the evening.

I'm losing weight though, so that's good

Monday, June 9, 2008


crabster> guitars are the truth
j-chot> seemingly so
j-chot> but so many people lie with them
crabster> that's the best part
j-chot> how so?
crabster> if you're the one doing the lying

Saturday, May 31, 2008


well I thought it was clever....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

f'ing plagerists

I just realized that those matrix movies from a couple years ago....

are based on a pink floyd song.

I mean, seriously.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

weird startrek dream


So I was on the starship enterprise. well, I *think* it was, because there were alot of characters from starwars, but they were all dressed different and had different haircuts and picard had a beard.(with a orange plastic vest over a thermal shirt) some people were wearing the regular star command outfit, and some had more eclectic (casual?) outfits. more like how people on fishingboats might dress but the main focus of the dream is that there was this weird animal mass of tenticals growing on the ship. It was ensnareing people and also seemed to metabolize the very air it's self. NOW, the reason I was on the enterprise is unclear, but what was clear is that I was pulled out of my original time. For apparently no reason whatsoever, I knew how to kill the monster. the monster was sensitive to some chemical that are in potatos (?). So I run to the food replicator, and to my dismay, potatos in the future are apparently the size of a child. but I hoist it over my head anyway and begin to run through the halls. Everyone was looking at me like I had lost my mind, but I seemed to know what I was doing. I doged people zapping and being eaten by the monster and go down the hall. I ran for about 2 min with this damn potato, looking for the back of the monster.(the most sensitive part apparently) I get there, and I heave the potato with all my might, then I ran like hell before the monster could notice who threw it. by the time I get around to the front of the hall (where the monster's tentacles were) it seems that the alien had seemingly evaporated. Captain picard is congradulating me and seems a bit senile. the fact that his orange plastic vest is stuffed with tootsieroll pops is not helping. (why am I dreaming this?!) I mention that I need to get back to my time to play a performance, and I need my computer back (which is there too for some reason) Picard says "oh, you don't need that anymore" and comically zaps the desktop computer on a desk behind him and theres a tiny puff of smoke and a huge burn mark, some redshirt was using it, and looks startled, then disapointed when it gets vaporized. Picard then hands me the future model of the ipod, which is capible of playing AND making music, and informs me that my files are on there. (I also notice that ableton live is on there. so I walk through the portal window directly onto an outdoor stage on a pretty summer day where 20-30 people await me. And then it's understood that I "rock out" in a 90's afterschool special fashion.

(the picture has nothing to do with the dream, I just thought it was funny.)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Judah Thomas Verchot

6lb 14 oz
may 15th, 2008 at 11:14 PM
My life has changed drastically for the better.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


My name is John Verchot.
I'm 23 and I live in decatur AL with my pregnant wife. (Judah Verchot will debut sometime in the next 2 weeks!)
I work as customer support for LG electronics. (our monitors are really great!)
I am a roman catholic.
I make music, and I hope I can sell all 500 of my albums when I make them.

I can't tour obviously since I'm a family man, so I often wonder why I'm even making an album. Is it futile? Should I let the dream die? People tell me I'm pretty good at what I do, and my peers that make music sometimes ask me for advise, so that makes me feel fairly confident about what I do. I've done about 8 or so live shows in the surrounding area, in Huntsville and chattanooga, so I wouldn't say I'm inexperienced.

From a lifestyle standpoint, how do indie musicians tour at all? how can they put things like jobs and rent on hold for (I assume about a month)
Do they only do it once a year?
I doubt that through the internet alone, that one can sustain a music career. I got an ok start for a "myspace musician" I have a track on vinyl on this obscure french label called "peace off records" (even though I don't really make breakcore anymore)

What I REALLY want, is to be a one hit wonder. I want to have a #1 dance hit somewhere. I wouldn't mind so much if I never had another hit.
I wonder if I'll get 1/4th of that far...

awaiting samples from printer.

so I'm looking at jkd printing for my pressing. Jason (friend, and head of Fantasy Violence Records) says it's important that the underside of the cd does NOT look like a burned cd, so the current step is waiting for the samples to come. I hope they look good, because no-one else is as cheap as them.

Does it matter? Is high quality sleeves in a standard size clear jewel case enough? the disc is gonna have black thermal printing, and I can't really afford anything other than that...

Here's a rough(ish) version of a song that's gonna be on the album
J-chot : Rave1 calling Disco Control.

The thing's gonna be allover the place.
Some tracks are mash-up house, some are straight techno, and some are breakcore/hardcore.

I'm a little worried.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


juiceboxxx show report

SO I went and saw "juiceboxx" at the flying monkey monday night. (huntsville AL)
Wow. Energy. it was really cool. Everyone was jumping up and down and he was just shouting along to a cd. it was in a cramped little "room" (more like a giant cubical)that's a record store. his show was shooooort. like 18 min short. He ended the set with a song called "sweat" and the chorus was "sweat,sweat,sweat drippin off", It was pretty much an old school house tune. (the 12in is really good!) It seemed pretty appropriate in the setting.
Second up was a thrash band called "holy shit". Now I saw them about 4 years ago,(on their first tour) and they were not very good. However, they were pretty damn amazing this time. Everyone was on beat/tune, and man were they hard. I wish I had bought a record of theirs.
I didn't hang out for the last band "the thomas function", because janette was ready to go home. but I hear they're really good.
juiceboxxx's website
holy shit's myspace
holy shit: I hate banks

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

gnarls barkley- the odd couple.

I didn't think music made in a modern context could be so good. it's fucking beautiful.

Sure there are some stinkers on this one, but the diamonds outshine the rough. My absolute favorites are "My neighbor", "whos gonna save my soul" and "a little better"
The modern context thing could be debated though, this album is definitely 100% soul, but dangermouse's drum loops keep it from being TOO much of a throwback.
Cee lo has grown better by leaps and bounds, both in voice and lyrics. I didn't think dangermouse's production could get better, but honestly it has...this album is astounding.

avoid "whatever" and "would be killer"like the plague though.

P.S. damn it, I think "going on" is a fav as well.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday, April 3, 2008



Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

if it ain't fun, it ain't sh*t

so I just sent the master to jason, and if he gives it the thumbs up, I'll be uploading it to JDG in CA to do some master'n. He's damn good at what he does and he's giving me a steal price. no really, like a 1000% discount, no joke.

so that's cool.

I feel really run down sleep's a little off. I probably need to take some vitamans or something.

I don't know whether to ask for some cheap music device or a fancy pipe from my wife for my birthday. how trivial is that? ooh, maybe I should buy some nice bourbon.
mmmmmm, bourbon.
man, that would be a nice birthday, fancy pipe,maker's mark and a quiet evening.
godamn I sound like i'm 50.

I'm gonna be the weirdest old man ever.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

computer is broke again damn it

but don't worry, super-dad's on the case.
"uhh, I don't know what's wrong with it, so let me just upgrade it and we'll call it your birthday."

sounds good to me!
however, reguardless of how that turns out, it means that my album is going to be delayed even more....oh well.

I had a job interview today,(for a different position within the same company) and I kicked it's ass!
I'm almost 100% positive I got it. I should be able to go permanant if this is the case.
just incase some of you are not tuned in:
permanant status= morgage
morgage= backyard for judah/studio


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

nother dream....not so entertaining

ok so I had several dreams last night, one where my dad/family had moved into a shitty, but unusually large apt, that was right next to a busy highway. For some reason, my mom and sister was also pregnant, and dad had built this weird playhouse on the "backporch" of the apt. That one was batshit crazy.

The next one is a little fuzzy but involves me as a caddy for some important scientist. he wants to stop by the side of this lake (we were in a sports car driving somewhere) and drive some golf balls into the lake. as he's doing this, some woman walks out of the lake (and for some reason we come to this conclusion that she's an alien) but prior to this I'm hanging out at some facility and alot of straaange things are going on. (windows being bolted shut, people acting bizarre)
that's all I remember. the dream kinda feels like half-life, but BEFORE everything just goes to hell. oh and weather was sunny and windy, so a little creepy there as well.

there may have been a third dream but I can't remember it.

Monday, February 4, 2008

nother dream + haiku

I see no beauty
in vain senseless destruction
suck a nut, rock star.

yeah I wrote that about 5 seconds ago. thought it was pretty good.


me and janette were in a huge parking garage. I don't think she was pregnant, because it was a non-linear dream. Like a Gi-joe cartoon, where the characters are just there, with no effect from previous stories. But yeah the parking garage/abandoned mall was really creepy. there was a vagrant about somewhere but he posed no serious threat, but it was dark and we wanted the hell out of there. creepy as hell. I think we were on the roof of said parking garage at one point. the sky was dark gray. very concrete. brown concrete. I find some kind of exit and the stairs suddenly get super steep and drop straight down into some bushes. the first thing I see to my left is a police station. like the one you might see in batman or dicktracy. We walk along and the buildings are so close together and so tall you can't see the sky. there may have been overhangs preventing this. eventually it turns into kind of shopping mall? there are all these stores, and among them are some bars. the bars are filty, but most surfaces seem to be covered in rinstones or mirrors. lots of smoke and red lights. one of the patrons has a old almost 50's looking suit, and it's dark green (what you can see of it is green, most of it is covered in rhinestones. He's a swarthy middle-aged black man. eventually the mood lightens and it just looks like a damn shopping mall. There is a glut of product. stacked 12 ft even. like kbs at christmas.

dystopian mostly. colors were dark/realistic.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I wonder

how many high-school marching band kids' screen name is


think about that one.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I feel like everyone wants something from me today, and I'm getting nothing in return.

fuck that shit.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

it astounds me

how frequant the people that can afford these stupid phones, are both fairly incompitent and lazy.

Friday, January 18, 2008

dream log,morning of 1.17.08

vaguely remember. no real plot, but I was in some sort of fantasy south American Mayan semi-jungle place. the dream was conveyed through various P.OV.'S of old video games. some times a text adventure with vga pics, sometimes a pixel-ated commodore 64 adventure game, sometimes an early PC 3d adventure game; well, most of the time. I was hunting for treasure in various ruins. I found some big secret and then all the tribes people kept killing me over and over (it was a video game-thing I think) had a weird Mayan jungle vibe to the whole thing, but everything seemed to take place on a vast plain.
everything had traces of neon colors around all the edges.

a couple nights before, I was in a weird forign owned convieniance store. I was marinadeing some chicken in crappy r&b albums (which looked like metalic coffee bags filled with cola. then, I thought, "shit, I could have just used some cola insted of spending 17 dollars on shitty r&b albums."

so yeah, I need to try to remember my dreams better, so here goes

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Monday, December 31, 2007

work sucks..

..a little more than usual today, prolly cause I'm missing sleep.

haven't touched the album material, but I been playing the hell outa my new toys:
ea-1, er-1 (mkII)
they are fuuuunnnn. and when I hookem up to my computer and seperate the pieces and slap a little "production jelly" on em, they sound pretty good too.

being able to track pitch changes on the er-1 (mkII feature) allows me to do a whooole lot with it one would not normally be able to do with a drum machine.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

been fixed

FIXED! (like 2 weeks ago)

just in case you're reading this thing...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Now I'm only partially fucked.

So here's the current situation

"the lounge" (my studio/perpetual mess) is now defunct, due to "operation baby room" paving clean over it. No big deal. the synthrack/desk just got relocated to a corner of the bedroom. the con's of this being:
-can't make beats while janette sleeps,
-company not-so-invited to the bedroom. This makes it difficult to have music friends over
but this mild issue pales in comparison to this problem:

My computer won't work.
There's something wrong with my videocard; No picture on the monitor. Safe mode works fine, but when I start it up normally, I get the boot screen then darkness. and if I hit enter, I get my "welcome to windows" sound (which ironicly is "BEWARE, I LIVE" from sinistar)

if this were merely the case, I could just pop in a new one, install some drivers, and off I'd be, right? unfortunately, I have one of those "all in one" motherboards.

so yeah, no album for a little bit. I'm fairly bummed out.